Fundraising Campaign

Support the new era of ecotourism

In a rapidly changing world, tourism, bookings and even how we travel has changed, especially in the way we relate to the public; we at IWPA have joined forces of Italian and foreign professionals to create the concept of tourism sales in a global network, sustainable and more than anything else, human.

Our concepts are created by professionals who work every day in tourism and achieve continuously both with other professionals and end users.

Where will the fundraising campaign lead us all?

  • The first step is to become an eco-friendly organization about international tourism. The planet Earth needs our help to guarantee an eco-sustainable future. Our dream is to buy a ruin, or a building to renovate, to settle the headquarters of this new organization. We will then proceed with a 100% eco-sustainable renovation of the property.
  • So the second step will be having eco-friendly headquarters, open to anybody. The ideal headquarters should have lots of gardens where we would like to plant trees and grow crops, without using any chemicals.
  • The third step will be organizing tours within the headquarters itself, which will involve the gardens cared for by the members of the organization themselves. In addition, courses from the Hosts Academy will be held face to face or remotely, within the headquarters rooms.
  • The activity of the organization will continue, very intensely, and will not be limited to: ecological awareness campaigns, promotion of all activities involving members of the organization, creation and promotion of courses via the Hosts Academy, any other activities related to the Hosts Academy, Official Hosts and Weddings Map platforms.
Hosts Academy

Our online tourism, event and wedding academy. Accredited mentors and international instructors for all-around training from PR to legislation. The portal will guarantee one-to-one training as well as virtual classrooms with courses in 7 languages ​​(Italian, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Romanian, Turkish and Russian) to meet a global audience of hosts.

Weddings Map

A B2B booking portal for tourist packages, wedding packages and tourist services. It is the portal of the IWPA world associates, certified professionals who believe in experiential and sustainable tourism, therefore they design engaging packages with clear attention to the territory and locals.

Official Hosts

An innovative inside tourism promotion and booking engine, which rewards hosts (managers) based on selection criteria and guarantees tourists.

How important is to have the first headquarters?

The first headquarters of the new organization that we intend to create will be essential to start activities related to eco-sustainable tourism. Only with your help they will be able to take shape and spread rapidly throughout the planet Earth.

What better place than the Amalfi Coast to establish the headquarters of eco-sustainable tourism? This place, in fact, is rich in biodiversity and offers a great variety of both marine and mountainous landscapes.
Here many plants will find the best habitat to be able to live for a long time, and visitors from all over the world will enjoy a unique scenario while remaining in close contact with Nature.

Amalfi Coast Amalfi, Amalfi Coast, Italy
All the fundraising backers will have free access to the tours that will be organized at the headquarters.

Activities for which donors will always have free access

Many activities that will take place at the headquarters of the new organization will be made available for a fee, in order to support this great ecotourism project. However, those who participate in the fundraising will always have free access to the events and activities that will take place at the headquarters.

Possible activities that will take place within the headquarters:

  • Gardening tours
  • Lemon tours
  • Cooking classes
  • Gardening classes
  • Astronomy classes
  • Courses
  • Individual & private lessons
  • Meetings with Mentors
  • Conferences and exhibitions
Gardening Gardening will be a major activity
All the fundraising backers will have free access to the activities that will be organized at the headquarters.


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    Suita Carrano, Mentor & Co-Founder of the Hosts Academy is the new Italy Chapter Head of TIES, The International Ecotourism Society.
    We are proud to announce that one of our most important members has accomplished such an achievement!
    We strongly believe that Ecotourism is the only way we must pursue to enjoy our beautiful planet Earth. We are currently working on big projects that will lead to greater promotion of Ecotourism and will award the hosts who work in this direction.
    Read more.


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