No, there is no entrance fee or montly fees to be paid to become a mentor, but you must refer at least 10 instructors per year and they must be active. Anyway, only a few experts can become mentors, at the sole discretion of the Academy Executive Committee. Ask to become a mentor.

Nothing. There is no entrance fee or montly fees to be paid to become an instructor.

No. You can create as many courses as you want for free.

In order to create free courses, you must have a Custom account.

As soon as a student buys one of your courses, your account balance becomes positive. You must activate your payouts in order to receive the funds to your bank account directly.

When you sell a course, the Hosts Academy just holds the 25%, and it pays the 75% percent to your bank account. Please, remember to activate your payouts to make sure you receive the funds.
Note: courses are sold in the customer's currency, so this may slightly affect the funds you will receive into your account.

It's very easy. You can do it into your dashboard, open your profile menu and go to "Payouts". Follow the procedure and at the end of it you will see the confirmation message.

You can send an email to specifying your name, surname and email address you use to log into your account. You can also contact us here: Contact.

If you work in the tourism and events markets, you can become a member of the association that promotes the Hosts Academy, its name is IWPA. In this way, you will be shown a huge selection of B2B and B2C opportunities to work on. Also, you will get significant discounts (between 10% and 20%) on the services provided by the other members. Moreover, you may be involved in business travels paid by the association.
Learn more here: Business Opportunities.

Yes, of course! Join our Facebook Group: Hosts Academy. Please, have a look at our Facebook Page and Instagram Account too.

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