Eleanor Tucker


Elle's mentoring is specifically aimed at homeshare and short term rental founders and entrepreneurs, thanks to her position right in the centre of all things 'peer-to-peer'. She gets that in this world, the rules of engagement are different, so she draws on a decade of experience as a successful journalist, another decade as a creative in marketing and advertising, and adds five years at the heart of the global sharing economy into the mix, to deliver a one-of-a-kind offering. Elle speaks English and Italian and she can help you tell a compelling brand story and create a ‘thought leading’ online presence that reflects your 'Airbnb' style startup, as well as show you how to attract media interest and build credibility for your platform or app. She does this, not just by passing on ideas, but by providing actionable steps, opening her 'little black book" and giving you insider tips and a clear road map – to shorten the timescale of what you hope to achieve. Clients call her their 'secret weapon'.