Jennifer L. Horspool


Jennifer Horspool is a business growth expert specializing in PR, marketing, branding, corporate culture, and the overall brand experience. With expertise in B2B, B2C and D2C, Jennifer has spent the last decade building physician management services networks, as well as working with healthcare IT, and a variety of other organizations, growing one company from vision to $16 million and another one from vision to $1 billion in less than three years. Jennifer has turned brands around from negative and unknown into the go-to media resource, improved client-corporate relations to turn brands into employers of choice and brought new drugs to market through clinical research. She is a strategic messaging expert, having worked with corporations, agencies, and nonprofits, large and small, and currently runs her own agency, Engagement Public Relations & Marketing. In addition to healthcare organizations such as McKesson, US Oncology, Amgen, and US Anesthesia Partners, Jennifer has worked with Pepsi, Xerox, and the American Cancer Society, to name a few.