Introducing the first Mentors

Jennifer L. Horspool

Mentor's Country Business growth expert

With expertise in B2B, B2C and D2C, Jennifer has spent the last decade building physician management services networks, working with healthcare IT, and a variety of other organizations, growing one company from vision to $16 million and another one from vision to $1 billion in less than 3 years.

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Rob McKee

Mentor's Country IATA certified travel agent & Destination Wedding Planner

Rob McKee has been in the industry for 25+ years. He owns a IATA certified travel agency and works for major Hollywood studios, delivering VIP services. He is an accredited university professor, CTC certified travel agent, TV producer, MICE certified, convention planner, and LGTB wedding planner.

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Abeki Carter

Mentor's Country Wedding & Event Planner, Event Educator

Abeki Carter is a Certified Wedding & Event Planner, Event Educator and Mentor with 25+ years of experience. She is also an entrepreneur and the CEO of Chic Occasions Events, a full service wedding and event planning company in New York. Abeki’s knowledge and expertise have earned her recognitions.

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Suita Carrano

Mentor's Country Destination Wedding Planner, Event Educator, MICE Planner

Born in London by Italian parents, she considers herself a "citizen of the world”, her dual nationality made her easy to start traveling at a very young age. As a Travel Agent, Suita founded her own agency for Wedding & Events Planning in 1995. She is also the Founder & President of IWPA since 2015.

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Eleanor Tucker

Mentor's Country Sharing & Gig Economy Consultant

Elle (Eleanor) Tucker is a marketing and media consultant who specialises in the sharing and gig economy. She speaks, writes on sharing and gig models and advises startups in the homesharing, homeswapping and short term rental space on their brand story, messaging and media and marketing strategies.

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Richard Elsey

Mentor's Country Learning and Development Expert to the Hospitality and Service Industry

Richard's mission is simple: To revolutionise customer service globally. He does this by helping hospitality owners and businesses create exceptionally caring and luxurious customer experiences for their guests, through engaging learning solutions.

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Giovanna Gargano

Mentor's Country Computer Scientist and Tourism Expert

Giovanna enjoys being a problem solver and an inventor of disruptive projects. She recently founded a travel booking system that raised around 2 Million Euro worth in bookings. She has a Master Degree in Digital Humanities at the University of Pisa with the maximum score of Summa Cum Laude.

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Tim Levitan

Mentor's Country Safety, Security and Operational Risk

A passionate Hotelier with expertise in the Safety, Security and Operational Risk Management. I specialise in design and implementation of safety and security strategy and operational protocols within sleeping accommodations globally and strongly believe that "you deserve to be protected" whether you are the guest, or the Host!

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Rui Mota Pinto

Mentor's Country Wedding Creator

Rui Mota Pinto is a Certified Wedding Creator & Planner, Mentor and Educational Director with more than 25 years of experience creating outstanding and unique Concept Weddings, that are recognized all over the world.

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Bianca Trusiani

Mentor's Country Destination Wedding Planner

Since she was a child, Bianca has travelled a lot so she opened her mind to different cultures. Bianca has been a travel agent and a tourism operator manager. She organizes masters and she is consultant for many public institutions for the environment development, also working in Euro planning.

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Faisal Razu

Mentor's Country Marketing, branding, corporate culture

Faisal is an expert specialising in marketing, branding, corporate culture. With expertise in B2B, B2C, he has turned negative and unknown brands to the go-to media resource, improving client-corporate relations. He worked with corporations, agencies, and nonprofits, and now he runs his own agency.

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Samantha Hardcastle

Mentor's Country Marketing Strategist

With a passion-driven mission to help hotels & hospitality destinations elevate their experience, Samantha Hardcastle brings a decade of marketing strategy & creative storytelling to properties worldwide. She guides leaders through the process of deepening the purpose, culture, wellbeing, and personality in every moment.

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